5 Tips for a ‘Destination Wedding’ in Hong Kong

Considering a destination wedding in Hong Kong?

Here are The Wedding Company Hong Kong’s top 5 tips for planning a successful destination wedding celebration in Hong Kong!

Wedding Tip No.1 – Book your venue and vendors early!

With limited space for outdoor weddings in Hong Kong, outdoor wedding venues especial lawn weddings in Hong Kong tend to get booked up very quickly and wedding venues on auspicious wedding dates tend to get booked up even sooner, sometimes up to 18 months in advance.

Wedding Tip No. 2 – Let your friends and family know early!

Send out a ‘Save the Date’ for your wedding as soon as your venue and date has been confirmed to give everyone ample time to plan their trip! You’d be surprised how many guests would say yes to a destination wedding in Hong Kong!

Wedding Tip No. 3 – Get Help!

Hire a wedding planner that ‘gets’ it, it makes all the difference having someone local on the ground to plan and execute the details. Many hotels offer a wedding specialist but they don’t deal with the nitty gritty or guest management, they only handle what involves the venue. We have been planning weddings in Hong Kong for 20 years and know all the in’s and out’s of what a magical destination wedding in Hong Kong should be like!

Wedding Tip No. 4 – Consider having a Welcome Dinner and/or a Post-Celebratory Brunch

If you have friends traveling to Hong Kong for the first time, they may appreciate a welcome evening with local flair, be it a harbour cruise on the Aqua Luna or a drinks and/or dinner at a local restaurant. This way, your wedding guests get to know each other before the big day. Alternatively, get together after the wedding for a relaxing dim sum brunch or a boat trip to one of the outlying islands.

Wedding Tip No. 5 – Come for a visit!

Time restrictions and travel aside, you may want to carve out some time for a reconnaissance trip to Hong Kong to do some wedding planning on the ground! You can use this time tory out the makeup artist, taste the wedding menu, meet with your local planning team and much more.

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