5 More Tips For Planning Your Destination Wedding in Hong Kong

For Hong Kong wedding couples based in London, New York, San Francisco, well .. basically anywhere else, there may be some pressure from the family to ‘come home’ to get married, or maybe you just want to show your other half and your friends what Hong Kong is really like!

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Here are another 5 tips for planning your ‘Destination Wedding’ in Hong Kong!

Wedding Tip No. 6 – Check the Weather!

We do have seasons in Hong Kong! Hot and humid in the summer, typhoons from May-Sept and can be cold in January & February. Summer months can see the temperatures soaring to 35ºC and higher and August is traditional reserved for the Ghost Festival which is considered an unlucky time for weddings. The best time for a wedding in Hong Kong would be between October – January as its cool and dry so plan wisely! Weather is a huge factor when considering when to have your wedding in Hong Kong!

Wedding Tip No. 7 – Legalities of a Wedding in Hong Kong

If you’re planning to get legally married in Hong Kong, we would advise you to check out the HK Government Immigration page on the Registration of Marriage. No matter where you get married in Hong Kong, if you want it to be legal, you have to give 14 working days notice and start the process at least 3 months beforehand. We recommend looking into this sooner rather than later!

Wedding Tip No. 8 – A Warm Welcome

For friends who have traveled across oceans to be in Hong Kong for your wedding,  they may appreciate a solid wedding website with practicalities such as local transport, recommended tours, your favourite restaurants and an itinerary of the wedding events. It would be thoughtful too to place a welcome basket in their rooms with some essentials or fun things that they may not have time to shop for.. maybe in a dimsum basket! Just saying.

Wedding Tip No. 9 – Making Good Decisions

Planning a wedding from afar is a bit more challenging. You do need to be organised and make good decisions especially if you only have that one planning trip scheduled. Make sure you do your homework and have a wedding planner (like us!) on hand to guide you to making the right choices.

Wedding Tip No. 10 – The Wedding Day!

Last but not least, remember that everyone is there for you, to celebrate you! It can get overwhelming especially if you’re not used to being the centre of attention. Make sure you schedule your destination wedding weekend in a way that gives you some downtime just to take it all in and catch your breath!

It will all be worth it!

Here is a ‘destination wedding’ in Hong Kong from January 2020 (literally the last ‘destination’ wedding in Hong Kong we did before Covid hit). Hopefully, it will give you some ideas.

Video shot by the talented Julie Hill at Elysium Productions at our all time favourite venue, Rosewood Hong Kong.

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